You work for your abusive father

Chris Rock is a funny guy sometimes. Even when he doesn’t mean to be. I’m referring to his recent comments where he says that Obama is “like our boss” and “he’s like our father and his wife is like our mother.” Funny stuff, right? According to Chris Rock, the guy who was selected to rule the country (allegedly for you – as the traditional American view used to be) but that you work for the fuhrer. Even more, that Obama is like your father. Granted, Obama is like a drunken, abusive father, who beats and murders his children, but that doesn’t seem to bother Chris Rock.

I confess that I have a pessimistic view of modern-day Amerika and the future that awaits the serfs of Amerika. But it has always worked for me. When I read that there were signs that an Amerikan staged false flag event was likely to strike NY in the near future, I suspected it was probably true. So when the events of 9/11 occurred, I wasn’t surprised. Shortly after that, when I began reading about the housing bubble that Fedgovcorp was building was going to burst and begin to pave the way for a Fedgovcorp-planned implosion of the economy, I suspected it was probably true. Especially since the Fedgovcorp media channels were reporting that the economy was fine. I was unemployed/laid-off at the time, so I knew selling my house fast was in my best interests. And I got out of my house in good timing just before the housing bubble burst. It’s funny how “conspiracy theorists” continue to be right, while the Fedgovcorp supporters are always wrong.

But whenever I have conversations with statists, like Chris Rock, and declare that the U.S., and indeed human civilization, will not survive while fascism reigns, statists will not be swayed and insist that we need institutionalized theft, murder and fraud as “the price for civilization” as if what exists today is “civilized” in any meaningful sense. But I always assure such statists to fear not, there is no chance of a reduction in the size or scope of Fedgovcorp any time soon. In fact, Chris Rock and other statists will get more and more government before it’s all over. More government than they’ll know what to do with it.

The current Amerikan fascism is the intellectual heir to the Nazism of the last century, which America helped fund and support in the beginning. I’m always amused when anyone acts surprised by some newly exposed criminal or inhumane activity involving the current fascist regime. None of it surprises me. It is all exactly what should be expected of a fascist regime. Currently, the regime may only be implementing a holocaust-like extermination program against Arabs, but it won’t long be contained to just Arabs. In Chris Rockian terms, it will soon spread to those children who are disobedient. To those children who don’t bow and scrape and give unearned respect to their abusive, murdering father/boss.

I take something of a George Carlin view of these things any more. I have no stake in the world or the future, so I’m content to sit back and enjoy watching the collapse of human civilization unfold. Hearing utter stupidity from the likes of Chris Rock are just perks along the way. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still sad beyond words. Humankind had such potential to be so much more. But the cancer of government is not easily cured, especially when people actually beg for and support it.

For some prescient reading on the subject, see They Thought They Were Free, by Milton Mayer.

All I can say to the likes of Chris Rock is that Obama is neither my boss or my daddy. Obama is just another murderous tyrant doing the bidding of his masters. Nothing new here. This country has been at war my entire life and then some. War, murder, theft, fraud… none of these things are beneficial. And none are worthy of a father worth respecting. They are, in fact, signs of a decayed and decaying civilization and dying species.



Oh, to have an Ubuntu Phone


I mentioned previously that I’m a fan of Ubuntu so it probably isn’t a surprise that I’m really looking forward to the Ubuntu phone. Hopefully it sees the light of day at some point.

I confess that Ubuntu’s decision to have their Unity dashboard on the desktop go through a proxy – even, apparently, for local searches, though intended for the Amazon connection to their HUD – creeps me out a little. I haven’t upgraded to 12.10 yet partly for that reason. I hope the options will be in place when I do to limit or restrict that connection as desired. I frequently use Amazon, but I don’t necessarily want my local pc searches going through a proxy (and I know it is a Canonical proxy, not an Amazon proxy. Still.)

But overall, I still really like Ubuntu and the Unity interface. I used to dual-boot for the longest time to one Linux distro or another “back in the day.” I used Red Hat for quite some time, and Suse (until I read about MS getting involved with the Suse project.) The last pc I purchased came with Vista, so I decided to give it a try for awhile. Like most of my experience over the years with MS, it eventually corrupted itself and required re-installation to work smoothly again. And again. Finally I decided to go to a pure Linux system – mostly because I can’t afford MS products. After surfing through a few of the current distros to see what was new with them, I re-discovered Ubuntu – which I hadn’t used since 7.04 (which I had also had a positive experience with) and I haven’t looked back.

Like many Linux users, I’ve not only learned to adapt to, but came to really love the open-source alternatives to software that I’ve spent more than I could afford over the years – Gimp over Photoshop, Libre Office over MS Office. MonoDevelop continues to improve, though admittedly isn’t quite up to Visual Studio yet, especially in form development tools. I continue to work on my development skill sets and hope to be in a position to contribute to one or more open-source projects in the near future.

Let me close this little Ubuntu love-post with an amusing blog entry I read recently that is a delightful parody of similar posts (in reverse) that I’ve read over the years. There are an acre of comments after the blog, a testament to how serious folks can be about their OSs I suppose. Enjoy and take care!

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I’ve read several blogs and references recently to a survey done that shows that cockroaches are rated more favorably than Congress.

I find this shocking in more than one way. For one thing, I am simply shocked that Congress got that high a rating. Also from the reporting, consider:

It’s gross to have lice but at least they can be removed in a way that given the recent reelection rates members of Congress evidently can’t: Lice 67 Congress 19

Congress apparently actually scored a 19 compared to 67 for head lice.  19!? How did Congress manage to rate so high against lice? Head lice was robbed there.

To my thinking it isn’t just Congress either. Certainly ze Fuhrer and the Supreme Court Jesters would also score a zero against lice, mold, fungus, venereal disease… you name it. The entire apparatus of the empire of deceitful, rotten, vile creatures. Head lice deserves a much higher rating than it got.

I wouldn’t trust any of them with the care of my pet rock, much less anything animate.

My apologies for the mini-rant.  Between reading about all of the evil, unconstitutional, illegal, unethical and stupid things that Fedgovcorp has been up to just this year so far, threatened gun grabs, new wars, trillion dollar coins, and Aaron Swartz, I just had to get that off my chest.

I now return you to your civilizational collapse already in progress.


Hello World!

I set out with a couple of different ideas for writing a blog.  The original idea was to set up a server on an old desktop pc not being used for much anymore and to keep a blog about my experiences setting it up and setting up a WordPress blog on it.  Unfortunately, it seems that many ISPs, or at least mine, doesn’t allow hosting servers without an expensive business account.  [I won't mention the ISP name as it might land me in jail in this day and age.]  I will probably still convert the desktop to a server for the experience, but it won’t be quite the same.

I have blogged in the past in a small measure about politics and happenings at the time.  It was an old (now defunct) Blogspot account.  But nobody then seemed particularly keen on reading about the coming police state and fall of western civilization.  Some random comments (like that) in my head are bound to show up now and again.  It can’t be helped, I suppose.

But one thing a blog helps with is in setting down what’s in one’s head.  It imposes a bit a discipline to organize the thoughts and set them down.  I hope to recapture some of that again.  I don’t anticipate gaining a substantial audience, as there are others far more eloquent and knowledgeable than I (whose blogs I spend time following) and that’s quite alright.

What’s in Ken’s head will likely be a little all-over-the-place, with some degree of focus on things open-source and Linux – I’m a fan of Ubuntu with high hopes for the Ubuntu phone, as well as other digital tech, and the effects of the evils of politics on those subjects and others.  I actually hate politics and government, knowing it to be the cancer of civilization that it is – but since it has become so pervasive and will continue to expand until nothing else remains, it is somewhat difficult to avoid.

It is likely that some entries will be from a mobile platform and suffer slightly from the more difficult typing environment of small keypads.  But that’s a skill that can also only improve with usage.

For now, I’ll leave this initial entry as-is, finish some initial set-up and get to organizing some thoughts from Ken’s head into a future entry.

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