Oh, to have an Ubuntu Phone

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I mentioned previously that I’m a fan of Ubuntu so it probably isn’t a surprise that I’m really looking forward to the Ubuntu phone. Hopefully it sees the light of day at some point.

I confess that Ubuntu’s decision to have their Unity dashboard on the desktop go through a proxy – even, apparently, for local searches, though intended for the Amazon connection to their HUD – creeps me out a little. I haven’t upgraded to 12.10 yet partly for that reason. I hope the options will be in place when I do to limit or restrict that connection as desired. I frequently use Amazon, but I don’t necessarily want my local pc searches going through a proxy (and I know it is a Canonical proxy, not an Amazon proxy. Still.)

But overall, I still really like Ubuntu and the Unity interface. I used to dual-boot for the longest time to one Linux distro or another “back in the day.” I used Red Hat for quite some time, and Suse (until I read about MS getting involved with the Suse project.) The last pc I purchased came with Vista, so I decided to give it a try for awhile. Like most of my experience over the years with MS, it eventually corrupted itself and required re-installation to work smoothly again. And again. Finally I decided to go to a pure Linux system – mostly because I can’t afford MS products. After surfing through a few of the current distros to see what was new with them, I re-discovered Ubuntu – which I hadn’t used since 7.04 (which I had also had a positive experience with) and I haven’t looked back.

Like many Linux users, I’ve not only learned to adapt to, but came to really love the open-source alternatives to software that I’ve spent more than I could afford over the years – Gimp over Photoshop, Libre Office over MS Office. MonoDevelop continues to improve, though admittedly isn’t quite up to Visual Studio yet, especially in form development tools. I continue to work on my development skill sets and hope to be in a position to contribute to one or more open-source projects in the near future.

Let me close this little Ubuntu love-post with an amusing blog entry I read recently that is a delightful parody of similar posts (in reverse) that I’ve read over the years. There are an acre of comments after the blog, a testament to how serious folks can be about their OSs I suppose. Enjoy and take care!


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